What IS The Back Ten Feet?


The Back Ten Feet of any site is a starting point for converting water wasteful, boring, unproductive turf grass yards into drought tolerant, wildlife friendly, interesting and storm protective landscapes. In The Back Ten Feet, we learn that by providing a balance in our yards that mimics natural systems, insects and other bugs are kept in check naturally, and that a few plants with leaves that are chewed is nothing to get hysterical about, natives are MEANT to be eaten. In fact, wherever you live, NATIVE shrubs and trees are utilized by native butterflies as larval host plants, and spraying with pesticides puts their species’ very existence at risk.

Recommended Reading


1. Bringing Nature Home, Doug Tallamy

2. Kisss The Ground, Josh Tickell

3. Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver

Kindness matters


In The Back Ten Feet, we make a commitment to treating other life forms with respect and care, and we enjoy knowing we have company, that we are not alone. The Back Ten Feet 

landscapes are filled with the 

songs of birds, and the humming of 

native bees and other bugs. 

Native plants are judged to be

beautiful not by the size of their 

blooms, but how much food, 

shelter and nesting sites 

they provide. 

Welcome Life Into Your Landscape!

The Back Ten Feet With Sue Scott